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Salamander Brewing Company

The brewery: no pies, just beer

Situated just off Dudley Hill roundabout a couple of miles east of the Bradford city centre, this former pie factory, with cold rooms and concrete floors, is ideal for a small brewery.

The brewing plant was constructed using many items of dairy equipment which provides very high quality stainless steel vessels designed to be kept scrupulously clean.

The brewing process - the 3 easy steps to making our beer

1 - Quality Ingredients

Buy the finest raw ingredients. Maris otter the best malted barley variety. Hops from England, Germany, America, Slovakia, and New Zealand - vacuum packed for freshness. Water is the naturally soft and sweet Bradford water.

2 - Expertise

Dan Gent, one of the orginal founders of The Salamander Brewing Company, has professional brewing qualifications and a brewing-related PhD. He worked as a head brewer for other companies before setting up in Bradford. He spends a lot of time tasting and tweaking recipes to perfect our brews.

3 - Good Beer Keeping

Tanks and casks are kept scrupulously clean and sterile. This ensures ullage (spoilt beer) is almost non-existent and the beer in casks lasts far longer than the 6 weeks shelf life. All the beer stored in conditioning tanks and casks is held at cellar temperature.

The Brewing Process

Remember, good craftsmanship never goes out of fashion.